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Different Types of Magic Mushroom Products

Different Types of Magic Mushroom Products Posted on April 12, 2021


Top online dispensaries have a range of magic mushroom products. Before buying a given product, there is a need to be educated on the benefits and drawbacks of each type of product. In this way, you can know how to use it and what to expect. Moreover, you will understand the correct dosing of the products to avoid the risk of overdosing. Does anyone know where to buy magic mushrooms in capsule form? These are the common types of magic mushrooms you will find on the market.

Golden Teacher

harvested shroomsThis is one of the most popular types of magic mushrooms you will find on the market. Cultivators like this shroom because it is easy to grow. Also, psychonauts love it because of its powerful effects. It has both psilocybin and psilocin, which deliver an amazing psychedelic experience. They are commonly sold as dried mushrooms as they are easy to store and can last longer.

Envy Magic Mushrooms

This is a strain of magic mushrooms that is well-known for their psychotropic properties. It has a unique phallic shape hence its name. Other than its nomenclature and appearance, you will find it to be highly sought after if you have experienced some of its effects.


magic mushroomsIf you are new to magic mushrooms or looking for a simple way of delivery, then you should go for shroom gummies. You should note that these gummies are edibles with psychedelic effects. The good thing about gummies is that their dosage is consistent and it is easy to establish. Thus, there is minimal risk of overdosing. Also, they are available in a range of flavors.


A lot of people purchase mushroom chocolates due to their taste and enjoy the health and therapeutic benefits associated with it. You should note that chocolates contain a consistent and controlled amount of magic shrooms like gummies. Thus, they also have minimal risk of overdosing. You only need to follow the directions on the label.


There are not many companies making magic mushroom tinctures. That is because tinctures are not stable and a lot of processes are involved.

magic mushroomsBefore you start using magic mushrooms, you need to understand the concept of microdosing. If you want to transform your mood and boost your mental wellness, then you should try microdosing. That is because, with microdosing, you can experience the health benefits of the product without psychoactive effects. You should note that the microdosing amount varies from one person to another based on a range of factors.