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How to Buy the Best Coffee Machine

How to Buy the Best Coffee Machine Posted on April 4, 2021

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If you are a coffee lover, buying a coffee machine is cost-effective and has other benefits. No matter the type of coffee maker you choose, the basic operating concept is the same, the coffee has to meet water which then extracts the flavor from the beans. You can get a Breville Oracle Touch if you are looking for a decent machine. Here are things you need to know before buying a coffee machine:

Brew Size

Some coffee machines can brew the amount of coffee you need from a single cup to a family-sized cup. Some offer a wide range of brew sizes while others only have a narrower range of options. A person living alone and prefers different flavors or styles of coffee can buy single-cup brewers. Large quantity brewers are preferred by people who are many in a household and everyone takes coffee at different times of the day and evening.

Large quantity brewers are also suitable for people who love hosting dinner parties or brunch with neighbors. For parties, there are commercialized brewers that can brew coffee for small events. Large brewers often brew 10 to 12 cups of coffee at a time. Most coffee machine brands have the quantity displayed on the label.

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Coffee machines are plenty in the market but you have to find one that fits your budget and is efficient. Coffee machines that cost below $100 are espresso machines, single-serve, and French-press machines. Espresso machines with basic features are available in different sizes. One thing you should know is that affordable lack complex programmable features.

However, they are fairly durable and energy-efficient. Pod capsules and coffee filter baskets often cost less. Coffee makers that cost above $150 are high-end which means better programmability, temperature control, and built-in grinder features. Expensive and advanced coffee machines offer extra features such as; filtration, self-cleaning, etc.

Automatic Shut-Off

coffee machines..Most modern coffee machines have an automatic shut-off feature. This feature reduces the cost of energy and increases the durability of the coffee machine. With the auto shut-off feature, you don’t have to worry about your coffee maker running all day.

This feature is all about convenience you can prepare your cup of coffee without pressing any button. The feature automatically turns the machine on, heats the water, and brews the coffee. This helps improve the energy consumption in a household and save money.


This is an important factor you need to consider especially if people in your household take coffee at different times. You might want to opt for a coffee machine that has a thermal carafe that will keep the coffee hot all through the day. Those that only take their coffee in the morning can buy a coffee machine with a warming plate.

A pod machine can automatically make you a quick cup in the morning fr you and your family without worrying if you left the machine on. Most advanced coffee machines like the espresso only take 20-30 seconds for the coffee to brew. A drip coffee machine will take 5-10 minutes to brew but that also depends on the number of cups the machine is serving at a time.