Gears to Have for Cat Owners

When you have a cat, chances are you already have a cage, a litter box, and bowls for food and water. But do you know that there are gears that will make your life and your cat’s life easier? These are our top recommended gears for all of the cat owner.

Cat Carrier

A cat carrier is one of our top recommended gears to have for any cat owner. Not only you will be able to take your cat while you are traveling, but you will also get much use of a cat carrier daily, such as when you need to take your cat to the vet or simply when you need a furry company when you are doing your daily chores. You may expect your cat to sit calmly on the seat next to you in the car, but in reality, a cat is a fast and an easily distracted animal. A sudden brake, light from other cars, or honking sounds can cause a sudden reaction from your cat. It will endanger both you and your cat. Therefore, it is better to have your cat safely tucked in a space backpack for cats.

Scratching Post

postWe have never seen a single cat who doesn’t love to scratch, right? Scratching is part of any cat’s natural habit. Cats scratch to remove a dead outer layer of their claws, to mark their territory, to stretch their bodies and flex their feet and claws. If you don’t provide a scratching post for your cat, chances are your cat is going to scratch on any surface it likes. Therefore to protect your furniture, get a scratching post for your cat. Choose a scratching post made from durable material and with horizontal and vertical shape because some cats love to scratch while standing on their two feet.

Automatic Fountain And Feeder

If you don’t have anyone staying at home, we suggest you get an automatic fountain and feeder. This gear will guarantee that your cat has enough water and food throughout the day. So if there’s a time when need to get home late, you don’t need to worry about your cat getting hungry or thirsty. As a bonus point, using a fountain as your cat’s drinking station will urge your cat to drink more and stay hydrated, as it is their instinct to drink from running water as opposed to still water in the container. The water will also be kept fresh by the fountain.…